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The person who referred you to this site is excited for you to be here---for your sake and for his or her sake.  It is nice to be able to do something good for others while also helping ourselves in the process.


We know you are here to learn more about iRevive Miracle Cream and that is why the first video is specific to iRevive.  But... In order to give you the complete story on reverse aging of your body from the OUTSIDE-IN, we want to share with you information about our Science Team from Europe, the 50 year history behind this product AND the validation iRevive’s Big Brother, iHeRQles brings to the table...













iHeRQles is PROVEN REVERSE AGING from the INSIDE-OUT.  (Click here to view more in-depth videos about iHerqles.)  These two products together give you the chance for “Corpus Novus”--- that’s Latin for New Body

As a company we have a tagline of “Living Younger Now!”  So iRevive reverse ages the body from the outside in and iHeRqles reverse ages the body from the inside out.  These two proven products are the backbone of our Living Younger Now Movement.  And with the provision of this information we want to warmly welcome you to join us and become a part of our “Pour Les Connoisseurs Club”, which means “For Those Who Know”...

Be inspired by our compelling testimonial video

showcasing real people

who are thriving from continuous, consistent use

of the groundbreaking power of stem cell therapy
...with no side effects.
Using 50 years of studied plant technology, this isn't just a story --

it's a paradigm shift in the quest for the chance to live a longer life.

Start your journey to the new body -- the 'corpus novus' with the secret of the centenarians who live to be 100+!

iRevive Miracle Cream

NOTE:   Jar shown in video is our small jar.  A monthly supply is two 5 ml jars or one 10 ml jar at a retail cost of $99 or wholesale or monthly at $79. 

View More In-Depth

iHeRQles Video

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