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What we are going to show you will change many people's lives.



The products already have changed people's lives as witnessed in the testimonies video.


Our company, NuXtrax launched in 2019

with a product developed by the science team called Liquid Gold.


Then in December of 2020

the science team decided to make iHeRQles available to the public

through NuXtrax.

We are the only place you can get these products.

Recently the science team decided to make iRevive available to us.

Until we launched in 2019

the only way to get these products was through doctors.

Doctors sold Liquid Gold for $250.00 to $300.00 per bottle.

They sold iHeRQles for $400.00 per bottle

and they sold iRevive for $300.00 per jar.

Our price is $79.00 per bottle of iHeRQles and $79.00 per large jar of iRevive

and $65.00 for Liquid Gold.

You don't just go from selling to doctors to selling to the public.

It is a process that you have to gear up for.

That is why the science team decided to make each product

available to us in stages.

That is why the science team lowered the prices; with increased production

the price to produce each bottle or jar comes down.

We are still in the infancy stages of a company, our rate of growth has been healthy.

But now – all of the pieces are in place and we are going to experience rapid growth

every year.

Which is why this company

is going to change many people's lives.

We are a self subscription business with products that are

the scientific breakthrough of the century.

There are 2 ways to purchase products from the company.

# 1 – as a customer or # 2 – as a Transformation Affiliate.

Transformation Affiliates are eligible to earn compensation.

Customers are not eligible to earn compensation

but we do have a very impressive customer referral program

for customers to earn impressive discounts on product purchases.

Customers can purchase products at the wholesale price of $79.00

by en-rolling with a monthly subscription,

or they can purchase products at the retail price as needed.

For customers who are en-rolled with a monthly subscription

they can refer 2 customer monthly subscribers

and as long as the 2 customers they refer stay active on their subscription

your subscription would be $39.50 per month instead of $79.00

and every customer monthly subscriber can do the same thing.

To become a Transformation Affiliate you purchase a product package.

You can purchase a 1X product package for $299.00

which comes with 2 bottles of iHeRQles and 2 large jars of iRevive

and comes with 1 position to earn compensation.

A wholesale product value of $316.00

Or you can purchase a 2X product package for $598.00

which comes with 5 bottles of iHeRQles and 4 large jars of iRevive

A wholesale value of $711.00

and it comes with 3 positions to earn compensation.

(NOTE:  In the event that the 10 ml jars of iRevive are unavailable, two 5 ml jars will be substituted.)

We have a system in place that explains everything for you.

You do not have to remember all of this information.  

You do not have to explain any of this information.

You simply say in person or on the phone with someone

("I watched a 12 minute video that you should see") 

("Do you mind if I text the video to you?")

That is exactly how you should build your business.

The system shows you how to earn $568.00 your first day or 2

or your first week or 2.

The system shows you how to earn up to $2,600.00 or more

in your first few days – or your first week or 2

or at your own pace.

The system shows you how to earn an extra 2 thousand dollars a month

a whole lot easier than you would expect.

The system shows you how to earn an extra 4 or 5 thousand a month

a whole lot easier than you would expect.

The system shows you how to earn an extra 12 thousand dollars a month

a whole lot easier than you would expect.

We have had people earn over 100 thousand dollars a month,

and we will see people earn much more.

The next step is a printed detailed explanation

of the compensation plan – that is easy to understand and is extremely lucrative.

It may take you 20 to 30 minutes to read and understand it,

that would still be less than an hour invested

in something that could be the most valuable information you have ever seen.

These days

you have to give people a reason

to invest time to understand something, we just gave you a reason.

One last thing,

I have seen many times

people try to go out and explain something, and they explain their way right out

of anyone understanding anything, and the result is – nothing happens.


Use the system to build your business, and study the compensation plan.


We are here anytime you need help with anything.

The PDF file to the right is a written explanation of our compensation plan with this company.  As long as you have Adobe you should be able to open it up and review it, even print it out if you would like.  

We are here to answer any questions that you have.

We encourage you to reach out to us by phone or by email.

You can call 580-271-8237 to reach Becky on her cell phone

or email us at

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